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After-School Program

Fort Washington UNITED After-school Program

United Martial Arts Academy offers a full spectrum after-school program. We focus on assisting children with their homework, followed by targeted and individual tutoring in all subjects but specifically in math. After our tutoring we transition seamlessly into a martial arts environment, where kids learn effective grappling and striking as individuals and teams. In addition to all that we offer enrichment in many topics, but specifically in STEM.

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After School Program in Fort Washington, MD

program benefits

  • Combine martial arts and academics into one comprehensive program

  • Use state of the art tutoring tools with analytics that allow parents to see how  a student is progressing, daily

  • Teach kids team work and leadership of their peers

  • Focus on discipline as the foundation for all other learning

  • Give assistance in school projects, including STEM and science fairs

  • Offer enrichment topics in computer programming, advanced math, robotics and more

  • Give kids confidence and an overall balanced approach to martial arts and learning

  • Teach programs that aim to make kids “bullyproof"


Our program trains students in grappling, striking, martial arts and in community service/ethical actions. Our martial arts program is focused on individual performance but constantly stresses a team mindset. Our approach to academics is based on common core standards in the state of Maryland, but it also allows students to get help on specific skills they may lack. Ultimately, though, or aim is to get them ahead of their peers with one to one tutoring and with small classroom engagement. Since we can see what the entire year will cover in math, for example, we are able to develop a personal road map for each child; allowing them to reinforce where necessary, and to advance past their peers when able.

After School Care in Fort Washington, MD

safety procedures

  • Our coaching staff includes an experienced EMT and our staff conducts training regularly on emergency medical procedures.

  • We have extensive medical supplies.

  • We track all major allergies and are prepared to administer treatments that parents authorize (e.g. breathing treatments in the case of asthma).

  • We take food allergies seriously and do not give children any food not approved by a parent in advance. We do not allow food sharing at all in our academy.

  • In addition, we run regular fire drills, and tornado drills.

  • All training is supervised by qualified coaches.

  • Van drivers have perfect driving records, and have passed a United Martial Arts Academy background check

  • Sophisticated pickup and dropoff procedures

    • When kids are picked up a text is immediately sent out to the parents or guardians, and a second text is sent out upon arrival at the academy

    • All pickups, at our academy, require a signature and are monitored by cameras

Schools we service

  • Rose Valley Elementary School

  • Tayac Academy

  • Issac J. Gourdine Middle School

  • Fort Washington Forest Elementary School

  • Indian Queen Elementary School

  • Potomac Landing Elementary School

  • Apple Grove Elementary School

  • Oxon Hill Middle School

  • Fort Foote Elementary School

  • Oxon Hill Elementary School

  • John Hanson Montessori School

  • Accokeek Academy

  • National Christian Academy

(We are capable of expanding this school list, so if your school is not listed, please contact and we will see if we can add it to our route.)

Daily schedule

Image by Kelly Sikkema

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Children arrive, begin eating snack in the common area.

Doing Homework

3:00pm - 4:00pm

As they finish their snack they move to their classrooms, and complete their entire homework assignment. Tutors focus on completing homework and begin looking for problem areas.

After School Homework Help in Fort Washington, MD

4:00pm - 5:00pm

Homework complete. Each child gets their laptop, and they log in to Khan Academy, and begin exploring in math, computer programming, or other parent directed enrichment areas.

After School Martial Arts Classes in Fort Washington, MD

5:00pm - 5:30pm

Striking fundamentals. Focus on boxing, kick-boxing and elements of Muy Thai.

Jiu-Jitsu Class in Fort Washington, MD

5:30pm - 6:30pm

Grappling. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with the uniform (gi) or without the uniform (no gi). Focus on take downs, control of an opponent on the ground, and the use of submissions/chokes to finish a fight.

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