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Youth Striking

Fort Washington Youth Striking

Our top notch kids boxing and kickboxing program (ages 6-13) is designed to develop striking skills including a stance, head movement, blocking, footwork, basic combinations, intermediate combinations, and advanced combinations. We incorporate elements of boxing, kickboxing and muay-thai into our striking classes to ensure our students are well rounded and capable of dealing with anything.

Class highlights

Develop Striking Skills 

Boxing and Kickboxing

Blocking, Footwork, and more

Basic Combinations

Intermediate Combinations

Advanced Combinations

Class Schedule

Monday - Friday: 5 - 5:30 PM

Saturday: 10 - 11 AM (Striking & Jiu Jitsu)

Equipment Needed:

  • water

  • headgear

  • boxing gloves

  • shin guards

  • mouthpiece

  • mouth case


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