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Welcome to Fort Washington United virtual tutoring

We offer a full spectrum virtual tutoring program! Our tutors engage students by assessing their school work and helping them complete it first. After that is done, the tutors begin working on problem spots that may occur. We are partnered with Khan Academy. Each tutor is trained to use that program to help their students supplement learning in the areas of math specifically, but also science, and other school subjects. The goal is for our students to slow down where necessary and go ahead of their peers when possible. Our work with Khan Academy allows parents to see the daily progress of their students and to assess their abilities in math in terms of skills, not just grade areas. Many of our students are already ahead of their peers by up to two years. 

Virtual tutoring session

Online tutoring benefits

  • Targeted on assisting students in accomplishing their assigned virtual assignments, by tutors with experience working with D.C. area schools and their I.T. platforms, and applications.

  • Students are able to participate in martial arts, some virtually and some in person at our Fort Washington location, in addition to their tutoring.

  • Every student will have a Khan Academy account that gives state of the art analytics reports for parents to check daily.

  • This program gives kids confidence to finish their studies, and frees them up to get ahead of their peers in a virtual learning environment.


Our program is tailored to meet whatever need your student may have. Our virtual tutoring program began as part of our residence after school and summer camp programs. For the last two years, our tutors have worked with over 150 students from the Fort Washington and D.C. area. We have taught everything from computer building to robots, including science, mathematics, music, art, and more. The experience we have gained is now coming to fruition as we work alongside area schools, in the distance learning arena, to ensure that no child that is a member of Fort Washington United is left behind. Besides the academics though, we offer our members the chance to participate in virtual martial arts. Every day students that sign up for our tutoring package will have a dedicated instructor that will teach their students boxing, kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu movement and conditioning. All that, and every member at Fort Washington United may attend our evening classes that focus on boxing and kickboxing. Classes, for now, are held outside, weather permitting. 

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