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Fort Washington United

Leading the way in Education, Community Service, and Martial Arts for Youth and Adults.


Our mission at Fort Washington United is to provide the highest quality academic and martial arts center in the Maryland and D.C. metro area. Fort Washington United’s core beliefs are to instill an exceptional and well-balanced student with our ethos 'mind, body and spirit’ on the forefront.
Whether you are looking for self-defense for you or your kids, FWU is the place to be. We offer a challenging martial arts program for kids and adults in boxing/kickboxing, submission grappling, and traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Currently, we are preparing for our popular summer camp program 2024! From personal finance to computer programming and robots, FWU is the best summer camp in D.C.

Come and be a part of the strong and the elite!



Taught over 5000 students (both kids and adults)

Boxing 6+ years of experience

Muay Thai 2+ years of experience

Wrestling 5+ years of experience

Veteran Owned and operated (+20 years military service)

Jiu-Jitsu 15+ years of experience

Kickboxing 3+ years of experience

Tae Kwon Do 3+ years of experience

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Certified EMT

Master’s of Arts Degree with Honors

OUr staff

Charles Nimmons Fort Washington United Head Coach

Charles Nimmons

Head Coach

Nicole Hopkins Fort Washington United learning center director

Nicole Hopkins

Owner/Business Operations

Bernadette Batong Fort Washington United

Bernadette Batong

Head Tutor/Summer Camp Director 

Stephen Hopkins Fort Washington United coach

Stephen Hopkins

Owner/Coach/Education Director

Joshua Peters Fort Washington United self defense black belt affiliate

Joshua Peters

Senior Black Belt

Karen Marshall Fort Washington United manager

Karen Marshall

Daytime On-Site Manager

Jason Canamaso Fort Washington United Coach

Jason Canamaso

MMA Fighter/Coach

Tiffany Vance Fort Washington United

Tiffany Vance

Business Operations

Lylie Suarez Fort Washington United

Lylie Suarez

Office Manager/Social Media Manager

Kickboxing Studio in Fort Washington

Adult Boxing & Kickboxing


Kids Martial Arts in Fort Washington

"I took my son and his next door neighbor to "Get Air" for some jump time. While there, he befriended a kid much bigger than him. After a while, the bigger kid started getting rough with the neighbor. He began to really bully them by forcefully shoving them down.... MY SON'S 3 YEARS OF FORT WASHINGTON TRAINING KICKED IN! He used hand to hand control and then took him down, and then mounted. It was instinctive and I'm not sure he even realized it at the time... Thank you again to Coach Charles, Coach Jason, Coach Steve, and all the coaches and staff."

- Willie H.

Martial Arts in Fort Washington

"Having a martial arts background myself, I knew what I was looking for in a program for my grandkids. After checking out other local (and not so local) venues, I stopped when I observed a kids's class. Coaches Nelson and Steve were outstanding in their craft, and more importantly to me, how the kids responded. There obviously was a bond and trusting relationship. BONUS: wasn't even considering before/aftercare. Even if martial arts were mediocre (which definitely not), the quality academic tutoring and homework help in itself would be worth the price of admission! Did I say I LOVE this program? Did I say both kids usually ask to stay after class so they can "fight"  their coach some more?"

- Henry R.

Martial Arts Studio in Fort Washington

"My son goes to UMAA to their after school program. The coach never misses a day to update us that my son got picked from school, in the van and when they’re in school. We celebrated my son’s 11th birthday at UMAA and the theme was Nerf Blast. The party was a “BLAST” all kids had a great time and the staffs did a “BLAST” job! I highly recommend this school. Not only they love what they do, but they care the well being of their students."

- Fairlane U.

Summer Camp in Fort Washington, MD

"I just wanted to say thank you to the whole FWU team for everything this summer camp week. My child looooooved camp and had such a great time! Thank you for all you do for our kiddos."

- Felicia B.

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